At Slumbarave -The ultimate pyjama party, we like to break down barriers through an interactive experience which encompasses: Hospitality, dressing up and through participation in the games we host.
We create an environment where the voyeur becomes the show, surrounded by all the ‘Creature Comforts’ of a sumptuous bedroom paradise.
The hospitality and convivial atmosphere conveys our secure comfort zone philosophy, which starts as soon as you reach the secret wardrobe, enter the Slumbarave, and take those shoes off!
An abundance of vintage smoking jackets, pyjamas and frilly nighties will be available for the sleepover/ make-over, obtainable to guests from our changing room of comfort.

Monday, 26 July 2010

(once upon a time...) Glastonbury festival

It is an honor for us at Slumbarave to be involved with Glastonbury Festival , especially the Shangri - la area. These legendary fields represent what is still autonomous with this great British gathering of "the naughty people"...Shangri la has risen from the ashes of Lost Vagueness, which was the bastard child of what was once the travelers fields. Most people involved with the travelers fields are no longer part of Shangri la, but there are still a has taken much courage in their convictions and a passion to remain free of 'mainstream' influences such as corporate sponsorship and big branding... This choice of direction and non-conformist attitude reveals the true spirit of Glastonbury... May it live on in us all. x

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