At Slumbarave -The ultimate pyjama party, we like to break down barriers through an interactive experience which encompasses: Hospitality, dressing up and through participation in the games we host.
We create an environment where the voyeur becomes the show, surrounded by all the ‘Creature Comforts’ of a sumptuous bedroom paradise.
The hospitality and convivial atmosphere conveys our secure comfort zone philosophy, which starts as soon as you reach the secret wardrobe, enter the Slumbarave, and take those shoes off!
An abundance of vintage smoking jackets, pyjamas and frilly nighties will be available for the sleepover/ make-over, obtainable to guests from our changing room of comfort.

Monday, 29 October 2012

SLUMBAGRAVE - Bestival 2012

For our first appearance at Bestival, Slumbarave transformed into Slumbagrave and got dark, spooky and a bit silly... The un-dead hotel staff of festivals past were raised from their graves to celebrate this momentous occasion. Pillow fight club, exorcist entertainment and the funeral spa-la all ensured patrons had the terrifically terrifying sleepover from hell... Serving up haunted house music and devilish disco over the weekend, we were blessed with the talents of - Psychemagik Itchy Rich -  Mr Needle n' Groove - Charlie Mcfarley - Dan Cartel and very special graveyard shift live music from Seany! Huge thanks to all Slumbagrave crew and the dead hostess with the toast-ess Lubix
Until we are re-born next year at Shangri-la, Glastonbury - Sleep tight!
'Till death do us party'

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